Door County Happenings…

The season is finally here… most businesses and restaurants are open for business and waiting for visitors to arrive.  Egg Harbor boasts new welcome signs on the north and south ends of the village.  Here is Larry Desotelle who works … Read more

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Autumn festival season begins…

It’s that time of year kids… Door County’s autumn festival season.  Everyone loves a good old fall festival complete with music, food, refreshments, arts and crafts.  Baileys Harbor starts it out this Saturday with Autumn Fest held in Kendall Park … Read more

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Summer Theatre

American Folklore Theatre and Peninsula Players have announced their playbill for the 2011 season.  The American Folklore Theatre has a new show this summer…  Bing! The Cherry Musical makes it’s debut June 15. AFT also has these two favs as … Read more

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Fall in Door County

Yes, folks it is here… fall that is.  The weather has been a bit rainy of late but once this passes we’ll be good to go.  We have the Egg Harbor Lodge decorated for Autumn but still have to put … Read more

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Door County Maple Syrup

I stopped by to see my granddaughter this morning and her “other grandpa” was in his sugar shack making his last batch of maple syrup. It was a good season, meaning the season lasted a long time which amounted to … Read more

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