Venison Stew…

We had our annual venison stew Friday night… lots of food, fun and people.  Our pal Ronnie had these crazy hunting hats made for us.  We’ll wear them not to hunt but for hunting camp each night.

Nellie, me, Ronald and EmWe are looking forward to a safe and fun hunting season.  Good Luck to all our fellow Door County hunters… note to all you people who think hunting is not a good thing.  My family has hit 7, yes 7 deer with our cars.  Luckily, no one was seriously injured.   The Department of Natural Resources are in charge of the hunt in order to “harvest” deer so they don’t starve or cross the path of too many cars.  So basically, it is a good thing even though it may seem otherwise.

2009 venison stew party held in our barnPeople (mostly guys) brought desserts, cherry bounce and even pickled eggs… my favorite.   It was a lot of fun and I think the stew turned out pretty good.  This week I will plan on menus for the nine day hunt.  I have a little kitchen set up in our barn, the boys sleep out there (that’s where I draw the line) and we eat out there and most nights other hunters come by to share stories or have a bite to eat.  All of our kids are usually here and it is really nice family time for us.  Hunting has been a really great way for me to spend time with my boys.

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