Good Karma…

Yes, my good karma continues… yesterday, I won a Craftsman tool kit from a raffle at Casey’s Smokehouse worth $150.00. I wanted to return it to Sears and get the cash but Mark insists we need it. Normally, I would love tools, i.e. hammers, screwdrivers, the Laser Level, but these tools are things like nut drivers and a million sockets and wrenches. So, if Mark wants them we’ll keep them… but back to karma. This past weekend, a former relative said something not particularly nice to my daughter-in-law and her mom. I debated calling the person but decided against it (I always say “rise above”) and then a couple days later… I’m a winner. Keep your karma good people and good things always follow. It works for me.

Don’t forget, the Landmark Resort has their Comedy Club night (the second Thursday of the month)  buffet and show for just 20.99 per person tomorrow night.  I would love to go (it is a lot of fun) but I am making my venison stew for our annual pre-hunting bash Friday night.  I’ll have to video the party… then again, maybe not.

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