Door County Triathlon

Nellie, Emilie, Sarah and Mark Sawyer

The Door County Triathlon was held July 20. Approximately 1100 people participated in the event including our daughters Nellie and Emilie and yes, me. The event is run amazingly well. I had a lot of athletes stay at the lodge over the weekend and they all agreed it was one of the most well-planned events they had done. The swim was really difficult for just about everybody. In my wave, I bet 3 or 4 people were pulled out… which made me feel panicky as they were splashing and flailing all over the joint. We looked like tons of salmon swimming upstream. It was just nuts. I didn’t train nearly as much as I should have and I too had a hard time.. My time was poor, but I finished and it felt really good. Even though there was delicious food there (pulled pork sandwiches and corn on the cob), I decided to wait and grab some Mexican food at Mojo’s when we were done. This year, the shirt we got were pretty cool and you could actually wear them to work-out. Other years, they gave those heavy cotton T-shirts. Ick. Next year, I am getting a decent bike and practicing my swimming in the open water a lot more.

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