August in Egg Harbor

It has been just crazy the last few weeks.  The weather has been beautiful and Egg Harbor Lodge has been really busy.  I am not able to upload any photos for my blog… some kind of glitch.  I will stop at 3w Design next week to see my pals Barbara and Gregg Luhring.  They are my go-to people for my website and so much more… plus they are fun to hang out with.  Blogging just isn’t as fun without photos. 

Egg Harbor Lodge sponsors Egg Harbor’s concert in the park tonight…. and the Bittorf Bros., Egg Harbor’s own iconic country band does the honors.  We’ll head down there tonight to listen and hopefully dance a bit.  I hope somebody is in the mood to polka! We’ll take blankets, snacks and drinks and enjoy the music and sunset… Life is good!

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