Door County Football Fans

We went to a Packer game yesterday.  It was excellent.  We were fortunate enough to score a parking pass and got to park at Lambeau Field.  We got there early to tailgate.  Everyone near us was grilling just amazing food… prime rib, chicken, gumbo you name it.  One party had a big table with white linen and chafing dishes… yet another had a whole fajita bar set up  complete with margaritas.  We were satisfied standing around our smokey joe with our pre-cooked Johnsonvilles.  We were so lame we didn’t even have a table. BUT, when it came time for clean-up we came in first place.

Our Joe won his football game Friday night.  Our Sevastopol Pioneers did not have a very good year last year so the win was huge.  Joe is a senior and the quarterback so he was pretty excited.  I was really proud when after the game he came over to the sideline to give me a big hug.

Em, Lauren, Joe & Nellie

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