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I was on my way to Ephraim yesterday and like always I took the back-roads.  There are an amazing amount of galleries that are off the beaten path.  I hadn’t been in Maple Grove Antiques since my BFF Nancy Anderson and I were in there probably 25 years ago.  It is located on Maple Grove Road in Fish Creek.  If you are  local it is near Bull#&*$  Corner  which is at the corner of Maple Grove and F. At that time a really old gentleman ran it. The guy that was in there yesterday looked quite possibly like the son of the older man… I didn’t ask.  His name is Russ and he is a man of few words so I didn’t want to trouble him with too many questions. There were lots of pots, pans and various utensils.  It looks like he restores old lamps as there was a whole room ( I didn’t go in) full of old electrical gadgets.  Everything was in its place. He gave out change in $2 bills.  He said some people do not like to get the $2 bills.  I assured him I love $2 bills and I would in fact save them. I am not sure I have been anywhere so unusual in a long time-it was great.  I think I will head back again someday soon… this time with a friend in tow.  My mom and I used to check out the Door County back roads and stop at places most people might not think of stopping and even though many times we maybe just bought a trinket or two, we always came away with a new friend or acquaintance, had a few laughs and a new story to tell.  She would have loved this place.

I will file this under a new category called Off the Beaten Path… I plan on  checking out a lot more interesting places this fall. Stay tuned.

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