Best Buddies…

This week marks an amazing journey for one of my favorite persons (people?).  We are an unlikely couple and we didn’t at first have the most favorable of friendships.  At first I was jealous… no envious, of my friend.  You see he and my husband were fast friends.  A friendship that was hard to infiltrate.  He initially drove me crazy.  But then one fateful afternoon when our beloved Egg Harbor Indians played everyone’s foe Washington Island,  on a sunny, Sunday afternoon at the island,  a not so unusual event brought us together which has now made an inseparable  bond between us.  It  has held us together for over thirty years.  I will not get into the events that particular Sunday (nothing major by any means) but I will tell you that he had my back and for that reason alone I realized how much he cared for me and for that I am truly thankful.

Fast forward to this week… Wednesday, we (his family and ours) will celebrate one year of his sobriety.  Don’t feel embarrassed for him about me writing this blog about him.  Trust me he isn’t embarrassed.  He like all of us… especially me, are proud. Proud that he had the courage to do so.  Proud that he’s a better dad, son, brother, uncle, co-worker and friend for doing so….


Each year he helps me put my floats together.  He stops by so he and I can chat.  He brings his two adorable kids by so I can feed them candy and chips. In his honor I am giving thanks to those that helped him who shall remain nameless but they don’t need credit… they and we know who they are.

So… Wednesday we will celebrate with Tom and our families.  We’ll have dinner, laugh, talk, celebrate and give thanks for ours and his many blessings.

We love you Tom… You’re the best!


(Lucky for me he doesn’t have a computer…hahahahahaha!)






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