It’s finally Spring!

The ice is finally out.  We are beginning to get our flowers going.  We will pick up more on Thursday.  We are resurfacing the pool deck and that’s not quite finished.  The pool wasn’t ready but I had already scrubbed it out and when they power washed the deck a lot of debris fell in so we may need to dump it and start over.  Hopefully the pool guys get here this week so we can get it finished.  Our crew is almost finished with Spring cleaning.  Every year we say “We’ll never get finished in time!” And every year we do.

Egg Harbor looks amazing with all the boutiques and restaurants open for business.  New this year is Buttercups Coffee in the Main Street Shops. They will also serve paninis, pastries and even beer and wine for the afternoon.



The outside art looks fabulous in Harbor View Park and at the marina. Flowers are blooming and the cherry blossoms should be popping soon… who knows, maybe this weekend!

Come visit Egg Harbor, you’ll be glad you did!

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