Happy New Year from Door County

With a nice crowd and plenty of sun, Egg Harbor’s Frosty Fest went really well yesterday. My family and I road in the parade on a decorated hay rack with signs that said “An Egg Harbor Lodge Engagement!” Congratulations Nellie (our daughter) and Eric! It was really cute until my daughter Emilie pointed out that I had spelled engagement wrong… no spell check in my head I guess. It was too late, we had to take a marker of a different color and fix it.  We did have a good laugh however.  After the parade we stopped at Casey’s and saw a bunch of people we knew including Christine Tierney owner of Christines’s in Egg Harbor.  She is always at the start of the parade as a baton twirling Santa…


So, Christine says she is giving her post up and decided that I should be her replacement.I told her she was irreplaceable and I can’t twirl a baton.  Nope, don’t think I am cut out to be a baton twirling Santa.  Sorry Christine! Bob and Connie Erickson (Door County Realty) are in the parade every year as well.  Bob’s birthday was yesterday too… Happy Birthday Bob!

It was a great day and businesses and restaurants were all busy with holiday traffic.

The seed catalogs are out and you know what that means… reservation time at Egg Harbor Lodge! Give me a call (920.868.3115) my reservations page is under construction but I am taking reservations by phone for next year.  Think Spring!

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