Door County is a very special place with great things to eat. . .

CHERRY PIE – buy them frozen or fresh.  It is a tradition to eat a slice with some vanilla ice cream.

SWEDISH PANCAKES – Al Johnson’s in Sister Bay serves up authentic swedish pancakes along with lingonberries!

SMOKED SALMON – Charlie’s Smokehouse on the north end of Door County in Gills Rock has one of the best smoked salmon.  This makes for fresh treat!

ICE CREAM – Wilson’s Ice Cream in Ephraim has been around since 1906 and it’s the best Door County has to offer.

GOAT CHEESE – You can find goats on the roof in Sister Bay and you can also find goat cheese at the Door County Creamery.  

DOOR COUNTY MUSTARD – a very tasty mustard to take on your picnic in Door County.

WHITEFISH – Hickey Brothers fish market in Baileys Harbor sells fresh whitefish.  It is truly the fish of Door County.


SWEDISH MEATBALLS – Authentic Swedish meatballs can only be found at Al Johnson’s in Sister Bay.

CHERRY JAM –  With all the cherries in Door County, don’t miss out on buying some cherry jam to take home.  If you like chopped cherries, Bea’s ho made chopped cherry jam is the best.

CHERRIES – The cherry harvest in Door County is late July.  Pick your own which makes for a lot of fun for the entire family.

CHERRY SALSA – Salsa made in Door County provides a great blend of sweet cherry’s with the kick of salsa which will spice up your chips.

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