Did you know a supper club is a traditional dining experience that also functions as a social club?  While you are in Door County, here are a few of our supper clubs:

DONNY’S GLIDDEN LODGE located on the outskirts of Sturgeon Bay 14.7 miles from our lodge on Lake Michigan.  Great food and you dine fifteen feet from Lake Michigan.  A truly wonderful dining experience with a salad bar, homemade soups and breads.

NIGHTINGALE SUPPER CLUB located in Sturgeon Bay 15.8 miles south of our lodge featuring good food and wonderful old fashions or strawberry daiquiris.

THE MILL SUPPER CLUB located in Sturgeon Bay 16.5 miles south of our lodge offering a traditional supper club fare with a German twist.  Traditional items as steaks, seafood with Schnitzel, Sauerbraten, and Beef Rouladen.



MR. G’S SUPPER CLUB located outside Sturgeon Bay 12 miles east of our lodge, family owned for 43 years featuring quality food, cozy atmosphere and good prices.


FLORIAN II SUPPER CLUB located in Baileys Harbor 8.8 miles east of our lodge celebrating 60 years of service on Lake Michigan featuring wonderful food and a piano bar.

GREENWOOD SUPPER CLUB located in Fish Creek 7 miles north of our lodge, family-run which opened in 1929 serving old-fashioned American meals.


THE ENGLISH INN located outside Fish Creek, 7.1 miles north of our lodge, started as a lumber mill 100 years ago, featuring Beef Wellington, Chicken Wellington and White Fish Oscar.


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