Have you ever taken the tour at Horseshoe Bay Farms in Egg Harbor?  Next visit, it might be worth your time.

Horseshoe Farms are 3 miles south of Egg Harbor.  As part of the tour, you will find a very creative piece of artwork called “Happy Go Lucky”.  It’s a 25-foot tall sculpture made entirely of willow branches and saplings.  The artist, a world-renowned sculptor, Patrick Dougherty and his son Sam created it.  It took 30 volunteers in 2022 to create the piece of art.

The volunteers collected willow branches and saplings from central and southern Door County. Then Patrick and Sam brought it to life.  The sculpture was added to the farm to draw people to the grounds and gardens of Horseshoe Bay Farms.  Patrick has spent 40 years creating these sculptures around the world.  Visit soon, they don’t last long.  He said he hopes it will last three years.

Come for a visit before it’s too late.  The farm is open daily from 8-6pm.  Located at 7212 Horseshoe Bay Road in Egg Harbor.

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