Northern Door County

My daughter Emilie gave me a gift certificate to get a massage at The Spa at Sacred Grounds.  I have only had very few massages in my life and had never been to Sacred Grounds.


spa at sacred grounds

It was really quiet and beautiful.  My massage was performed (that sounds weird) by a gal named Karen out in this little log cabin…

spa at sacred grounds cabin

She was p.h.e.n.o.m.e.n.a.l. It was a really nice, relaxing afternoon… thanks Em!  The Spa at Sacred Grounds is located in North Ephraim just past the Blue Dolphin on the left.  After my spa experience I decided to check out Julie’s Upscale Retail which is in an adjacent building.  Julie Diltz moved her shop recently to the new larger Ephraim retail space. Even in the off season this place was buzzing.  Julie and her sidekick Heidi Penchoff were busy with customers and rearranging after the busy Fall Fest weekend.  Heidi said the place was jammed all weekend.  Here are the girls hard at work…

julies upscale retail

Heidi and Julie


Make an appointment if you would like to take items to sell.  I was eying up a set of china but then again we always eat family style and I don’t have storage.  Check out Julie’s, “You won’t believe what you might find!”

Last night we went to a roast for the hugely popular Door County native Dick Burress.  It was held at Horseshoe Bay Golf Club.  Dickie recently retired as Door County’s Emergency Services Director.  So many people attended along with many old friends we hadn’t seen in a while.  The roast was a benefit for the Door Community Auditorium. Among the roasters were Roast Masters Digger Degroot and the Honorable Peter Diltz.  Peter’s brother Greg (Northern Door Communications)Fuzzy Sunstrom (Fred and Fuzzy’s)Lars Johnson (Al Johson’s Swedish Restaurant) and Dick’s sister Katie Graf (Ministry Door County Hospital) were some of the roasters. There were lots of laughs and lots of truth stretching… everyone had a great time for a great cause.  I can’t think of anyone better than Dickie to roast although David Eliot (Peninsula Pulse) and I are trying to think of a woman to roast… they haven’t roasted a woman yet. It was a great night.  Thanks Dickie and friends… we had a blast!


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