Meet the Door County Insiders…

The Door County Visitor Bureau along with their director of marketing and sales, Michelle Rasmussen has introduced six Door County Insider Experts.  The group will each blog and use social media in their area of “expertise”.  Since I am one of the featured bloggers I wouldn’t necessarily call myself an expert.  The different areas include… Food and Wine (me!), Wedding, Motorcycling, Silent Sports, Music and Arts and Culture.  Each of us will blog weekly and post to Facebook and Twitter at least a few times a week.  The Green Bay Press Gazette featured Michelle and talked about how this new social media marketing will work.  Read the article here.

This is a paid position so I was pretty excited to have the opportunity to share my blogs with a much larger audience and get paid for it!  But don’t get me wrong folks, even though I probably won’t have as many readers on my Egg Harbor Lodge blog, it will always be my first love!  Here we are at the photo shoot…  I am the one with the wine glass.  They asked us to bring props and I thought wine would look better than a sandwich.

Insiders photo

II hope that everyone takes a minute to check out the different blogs and if you belong to Facebook or Twitter please like or follow us.  The links to the different sites can be found on the main page of the Door County Visitor Bureau website at







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