As the temperature drops, apples are waiting for you to start picking them.  Many Door County orchards will be offering pick-your-own apples for that special apple pie or for eating. 

It feels like just yesterday when we were all picking cherries.  Now, as the temperature drops, apples are ripening on the trees, just waiting for you to stop by and pick them.  

Did you know:

= The average person eats 65 apples a year.

= The largest apple ever picked weighed 3 pounds, 2 ounces.

= There are 7500 varieties of apples grown in the United States.

= Red Delicious apples are the most popular in the United States.

Let the picking begin!  Below are a few of our favorites:

Schartner’s Farm Market, 920-743-8617

6476 Hwy. 42, Egg Harbor

Hyline Orchard, 920.868.3067

8240 Hwy 42, Fish Creek

Lautenbach’s Orchard Country, 920.868.3479

9197 Hwy 42, Fish Creek



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