Door County Storm…

Recently, we had a HUGE storm here in Door County.  Check it out…


Brian Kelsey from Peninsula Players took this photo from the shore at Peninsula Players.

Without power for about 12 hours or so.  We (meaning Mark, me and our guests) took matters into our own hands.  First off,  Mark had port-a-potties delivered.  We all hung out for awhile waiting for the power to go back on. In the meantime, Main Street Market was selling ice and water outside their store.  One of our guests went down there and asked if he could buy hot dogs, hamburgers and buns.  Of course he could they said.  So he came back here and promptly invited other guests to join. The guys cooked the food on the gas grill, while we chicks enjoyed a cocktail. We still had ice… BONUS!


Did we have cheese? Of course we did!  Everyone who had food in their rooms brought it up to the terrace to share as well. Someone even had bars for dessert. Next thing we knew…


We were having a party!  Leave it to the Egg Harbor Lodge guests to truly make lemonade out of lemons.  Thanks guys, that was a blast!


Side note… power came back on at 2 a.m.



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