Door County Happenings…

Door County Cherry Blossoms… Photo- Brian Kelsey

It’s that time of year again and just in time for Memorial Day!  The weekend weather is supposed to be beautiful with warmer temps in store. We haven’t found many morels yet but with warmer weather we may be in luck.  Two weeks ago we checked out the Door County Brewing Company in Baileys Harbor. Although I am not a beer drinker, I still found the Bare Bottom Madness really good. A good time was held by all.


Don’t forget Maifest in Jacksonport this weekend.  Lots of hometown floats, tractors and high school bands.  Mike’s Port Pub will be serving food outside along with music… always a good time…


As for Egg Harbor… it sure smells good!  Between the barbeque and all the other restaurants, it smells fab.  There are tons of blossomsand all of the boutiques are open as well.  Egg Harbor Lodge is looking as pretty as ever and our pool is ready to go.

Egg Harbor Lodge in Egg Harbor, Door County, Wisconsin. Photo by Len Villano.

PS… I had a couple of cancellations at Egg Harbor Lodge. Give us a call an plan an impromptu drive to beautiful Door County!  Happy Memorial Day!




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