If you want to make a resolution and haven’t figure out what it should be, here’s a few off the wall considerations for you.

  • Get your photo taken in five interesting places.
  • Break a record of some kind.
  • Make a new friend each month.
  • Do something nice each day for someone.
  • Learn something new that you never learned as a kid – ukulele lessons?
  • Don’t engage with goofy people on social media.
  • Eat tacos every Tuesday.
  • Put on a full outfit for your Zoom calls.
  • Try a new food once a month.
  • Delete Facebook.
  • Buy as many 2020 calendars and burn them.
  • Schedule monthly day trips.
  • Unfriend people that are too political.
  • Book the Egg Harbor Lodge in the spring, summer and fall.  (not so “off the wall”) 🙂
  • Stop making resolutions!

Happy New Year!

Sarah, Mark and staff


Posted by:  Jill


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