– The Eagle Bluff Lighthouse was built on orders from President Andrew Johnson. Construction costs total $12,000.

– In 1909, Peninsula State Park land was purchased for less than $20 per acre.

– In 1910, The Wisconsin legislature officially establishes the park.

– In 1914, Towers built at Sven’s Bluff and Eagle Bluff.  Both original towers are constructed from logs cut in the park and without the use of machinery.

– In 1921 Manager Doolittle lays out a park nine-hole sand green golf course.

– In 1927 The Door County Historical Society builds a 40-foot Memorial Pole at Peninsula Golf Course and dedicates it to the Potawatomi   nation.

– Chief Simon Kahquados, the last hereditary chief of the Potawatomi nation, is buried near the Memorial Pole.

– Near the end of World War II, a small contingent of prisoners-of-war are assigned to work in Peninsula Park and nearby orchards. The German POWs are remembered for their industriousness and for singing while they constructed buildings, cut wood and picked cherries.

– Peninsula State Park is 3,776 acres with 8 miles of Green Bay shoreline.

– It is the 3rd largest park in Wisconsin and is visited by an estimated one million visitors annually.






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