The state first became interested in the land in 1946, but it wasn’t until September 25, 1964 that the state established Europe Bay State Park.  

Newport is Wisconsin’s only “wilderness” designated state park.  A wilderness area is a region where the land is in a natural state and human impacts are minimal.

In 2017, the International Dark-Sky Association named Newport a “Dark-Sky preserve”.  Dark-Sky preserve is an area that restricts artificial light pollution.  The purpose of a dark-sky preserve is to generally promote astronomy.

The only public air pollution monitor in the county is located in Newport State Park.   Most air pollution reaching the station comes from outside the county.

Newport State Park is 2,400 acres surrounded by eleven miles of Lake Michigan shoreline.

Newport offers hiking, swimming, fishing, backpack camping, ski touring, and snowshoeing.   If you aren’t interested in camping, please check out the Egg Harbor Lodge for the most amazing sunsets over the bay of Green Bay!




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