Say it isn’t so, but it looks like we do have bears in Door County.  Several bears were killed by hunters or vehicles decades ago in Door County.   The bear population in Wisconsin has increased over the years to 25,000.  Wildlife experts estimate that there could be anywhere from 10 to 20 black bears in Door County. 

Black bears have expanded their range in Wisconsin.  Bear sightings are very rare in Door County, the few bears we have can be found in the woods of Door County.  There have been reports over the years of bear sightings at Kangaroo Lake and Baileys Harbor. 

Remember, bears are scared of people.  The best thing to do if you run into a bear is to give them their space and give them time to get out of the area.  Make sure the bear knows you are there by making noise, waving your arms or yelling.  It is good if you appear larger by holding up something over your head.  It’s very important to make sure the bear has an escape route.   Respect and enjoy bears, and it’s best to enjoy them from afar!






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