Our friends Katie Harding and her husband Jim Pionkoski have a new business… WisconsinCheeseMasters.Com.  Katie, Jim and their daughter Casey, are guests of ours at Egg Harbor Lodge.  After over a year of research they have started a new, super cool business selling Wisconsin Cheese.  Their new venture sells only Artisan, Farmstead-Made and Master Cheeses- many of which have won World Championships and have been chosen the “Best Cheese in America”.  Many of these cheeses are  hard to find (even in gourmet stores)  in the state of Wisconsin and particularly hard to find outside our state.

I am a good cook, and the SarVecchio they sell truly tastes as good or better than a Parmigiano-Reggiano.  WisconsinCheeseMasters.Com has assembled collections of various cheese selections which would be perfect for a gift for Christmas for your family, friends or employees. And this isn’t just your ordinary cheese… this is  a perfect array of first class cheese assembled in a reusable wooden box.  Anyone who places an order and uses the code EGLodge will receive a 10% discount!

Best of Luck Katie, Jim and Casey… I’m sure this will be a huge success!


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