Population 251?


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As of November 30, 2011 Egg Harbor’s population has increased one-fold!  Baby Brody Joshua Sawyer was born yesterday weighing in at a whopping 9.9 pounds.  Congratulations  to our son Josh and his wife Carissa.  Brody is our third grandchild and is welcomed by his big brother Jaden, 10 and big sis Adison 2 1/2.  Jaden is thrilled, Adi… not impressed.

I am lying about the population of Egg Harbor.  The village  of Egg Harbor (it’s confusing… don’t ask)  has 250 more or less but the Town of Egg Harbor where Brody’s parent’s live has well over 500 citizens.  Anyway we are all rejoicing at the birth of this little guy.

And for a story worth repeating (remember this is MY blog), Our oldest Josh who is 29, (Jaden, Adi and Brody’s dad) had a high risk form of Leukemia way back in 1985.  As young parents Mark and I were devastated but we had faith and a phenomenal doctor which is what brings us to this celebration yesterday, today and from now on.  We are thankful and thrilled for all of our good fortunes.  God bless our newest baby!



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