Peninsula Pub

Peninsula Pub, located in what is known as Peninsula Center in Door County, has new owners, Kyle Blank, an Egg Harbor native and his fiancee’ Faye Schimmelpfennig. Let’s see… Faye started babysitting my kids when she was in 7th grade. As she got older she worked at Egg Harbor Lodge and for years, Faye cleaned my parents house. Her mom, Jerry is our “flower lady” at Egg Harbor Lodge!  Jerry is responsible for planting and maintaining all of our beautiful flower gardens.  Anyway, we checked out Faye and Kyle’s new restaurant on Wednesday night and what a delight… unbelievably clean and our food was super. We started out with the nachos and cheese covered in chili (yum) and walleye fingerlings which were out of this world. There were eight in our party and we all ordered different items and everything was excellent.   Our friend Ruth had Kyle’s award winning chili and I had the jalapeno pesto turkey sandwich, both awesome.  Kyle, a chef is well known for his art of creating new dishes.  I am hoping he eventually puts his fish tacos on the menu… they are delish.  Friday nights, The Pub offers the traditional fish fry that includes Door County Whitefish, perch, walleye even frog legs.

We also witnessed someone making the mistake of trying to win Kyle’s hot wing contest.  Eat ten super hot wings in 10 minutes and receive a T-shirt and your name on the wall of flame.  The guy stopped after three wings, the woman “won” but I imagine she will not be feeling very well for a few days.  She apparently made the mistake of touching her eye and by the time she got done eating her eye swelled shut.  She immediately drank milk and made her way to to restroom.  I can’t remember when I have laughed so hard. FYI… Kyle makes customers sign a waiver before they attempt the contest.  Don’t think I’ll try that any time soon.

We watched the Blackhawks win on the flat screen TV and Faye gave all the customers Jello shots (in a syringe, no less) for each score.  Gotta love Jello shots!  Even Ruth, who is 81 knocked back a shot.

Peninsula Pub is located on the corner of A and E about three miles east of Egg Harbor and is open  from 11 am till close 7 days a week.  Best of luck Kyle and Faye!

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