Packer Game

Today our Green Bay Packers are playing the Chicago Bears. Our gardener Jerry was picked to do the Crunch Time Catch before the game. The competition gives two players a chance to try and catch a 30 yard punt and if they catch that then a 60 yard punt with a chance to win prizes along with two free tickets to the game. Jerry gets a once in a lifetime chance to be on Lambeau Field AND be on the Jumbotron!  No word on if Jerry caught her punts or not… we hope so!

Here is my recipe for Packer Game Bloody Marys…

 Clamato juice

decent vodka-2 to 3 shots (depending on glass size)

a teaspoon of horseradish

a squeeze of lemon

a couple splashes of Worcestershire

a couple shakes of Tabasco

Use a lemon to moisten the top of a large glass.  Rim the glass with celery salt add the other ingredients garnish with a pickle or pickled asparugus and voila’ a perfect Bloody Mary.

By the way, we bought two more kayaks so our guests at Egg Harbor Lodge will be able to borrow any of our three kayaks. Two of the kayaks are two person.  We are going to leave a truck at Egg Harbor Lodge and we can either drop guests off at the beach or they can take the truck.  The village of Egg Harbor bought an adjoining piece of property next to the beach so guests can park and pull the kayak in on the boat launch.  It is really easy and a ton of fun.  I am also purchasing a new tennis ball machine so guests can hit against the machine which is also a lot of fun.

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