It is still pretty…

While the fall colors are past peak it is still really pretty in Door County.  There a quite a few leaves on the the trees and the weather has been nice.  It is cool but this is fall and that is to be expected.  Everyone asks what we do in the winter so I thought I would comment on some FAQS…

Do you go away to somewhere warm in the winter?

No, we hunker down right here in good old Egg Harbor. Plus our son Josh and his wife Carissa are having a baby in March so we really didn’t plan any trips.

Do you have just an amazing amount of snow?

No… we are out of the big snowbelt that Chicago and Minneapolis are in so while we get snow, most times Milwaukee  and Chicago get much more than we do.

Do you absolutely freeze your keesters off in the winter?

Again, no.  While Green Bay eventually freezes over Lake Michigan does not and that helps keep the county a bit warmer.  Check out my post January 1, 2009 we will be covering the Polar Bear Plunge in Jacksonport. 

Are you open in the winter?

Our last night is November 1 of this year.  We will reopen May 1, 2009.

What do you do all winter?

Mark will work at Bay Shipbuilding in Sturgeon Bay and I take reservations and plan for the next season at Egg Harbor Lodge.  I love to cook so I plan on doing a lot of that also.

It is nice to close for a bit but we always look forward to reopening in the spring and catching up with our guests.

I will continue with my blog but Door County isn’t the most happening place in the winter so I will probably have recipes and who knows what else… wait and see!

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