Island Time…

Our annual Door County road trip took us to none other than… Washington Island.  Bill and Kathy were up and they hadn’t been to the Island in years so we headed up to Gill’s Rock.  First stop?  The Shoreline Restaurant for lunch.  I had the whitefish chowder and a smoked whitefish wrap…yum! Bill and Kathy had chowder and split the Jamaican jerk whitefish sandwich and Mark had the crab melt.  All were excellent… so was the view.

Gill's Rock near the Shoreline Restaurant

Then off to Northport to catch the ferry. With minimal wait Bill drove the car on the ferry and we all got out and went to the upper deck.


The weather was beautiful and the ride was smooth.  Once on the island Mark and Bill wanted to check out the ostrich farm.  Not sure why but any type of zoo atmosphere makes me homesick.  I always feel bad for the animals, although the ostrichs and other animals including a bear seemed to be well taken care of.

Next stop, Nelson’s Hall to renew our Bitter’s Club membership.  Bill and Kathy were new to the experience of a shot of bitters… Kathy wanted to sip hers and the bartender promptly told her it probably wasn’t a good idea.

And after we knocked back the shot… we got this…

Then we toured the island some more.  Washington Island has a couple of really nice beaches but we didn’t bring suits.  Then we decided to stop at Sailor’s Pub which is on the water and looked great…closed.  They didn’t open until 5 pm.  So we head back to the ferry dock because we noticed a tiki looking bar.  We walked in the guy was like “We closed at 2:30”.  What?  Sooo, we went to the KK FISKE Restaurant and Granary. They had outside seating and…

a tale of two lawyers

Fresh Lawyers.  We ordered up a basket and guess what?  Those bottoms feeders were damn good!  We decided to head back to the mainland after that.  We stopped at one of my favorite places Fred and Fuzzy’s and then back to the metropolis of Egg Harbor and ate at Trio which is always good. A perfect day was had by all.




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