In search of the elusive Morel Mushroom

wild Morels

It is Morel mushroom season in Door County and I consider myself extremely lucky to have my friend Ronald drop off these delicacies from time to time in the Spring.  Morels carry a pretty hefty price tag at the local farm markets I am told, and now the “morel hunters” are turning their hunt into cash.  Instead of handing morels out to friends and neighbors, they are taken to said markets and sold for cold, hard cash.  Today, I decided to try the hunt on my own.  Morels are supposed to be found under dead elm trees…

dead Elm tree

Hmmm… I wasn’t really sure what that type of tree looked like, so I Googled Elm tree photos to familiarize myself.  I still couldn’t  determine what was an Elm tree or any other tree for that matter.  I didn’t find one solitary Morel mushroom.  I am not giving up however.  We have had rain and the weather is going to warm up this weekend which supposedly makes good hunting.  I think I will talk Ronald into taking me hunting but even he, one of my very best friends, is reluctant to give out the secret of finding the Morels.  I will not be deterred…  my new goal… Morel Mushroom Huntress!

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