Happy Mother’s Day!

My mom was beautiful, funny and everyone loved her.  My kids were crazy about her and she and Mark got along famously.  We all certainly miss her…  especially me.

Mark’s mom taught me how to cook the basics… meat, potatoes, gravy- all of which I wouldn’t even eat before I met the Sawyer family.  She taught me how to plant a garden… to no avail.  I still can’t do it.

I am extremely thankful for both my moms…  my family has been through hell and back more than once  and without Gloria and Jean… I don’t know how we would have gotten through!

Last night, Mark and I went to JJ’s in Sister Bay for Mother’s Day. Today, my girls and I will go out for lunch and then meet our boys at the Egg Harbor baseball field for the first game of the season against Sister Bay.  It can’t any better than that, now can it?

Happy Mother’s Day everyone…

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