Go Bo!

I have never met Bo.  I’ve been introduced to  Annika but I am not even sure if she would remember me.  I started writing them from time to time when they were in the HOT unit at Milwaukee Children’s hospital.  I tried to to possibly give some advice or something since my son had been through the same thing in 1985 only not nearly as serious, as it has turned out.  I thought I could help them and as it turns out they have helped me and so many of us for that matter.  Through Bo and Annika’s warrior-like perseverance and supernatural strength, will and drive, so many of us have stopped, stepped back and watched their little train rumble up mountains.   Even as sick as this kid is, he is living life to the fullest and teaching lessons along the way.  This dynamic duo is nothing short of amazing.  Bo has encouraged all of us to keep his Go Bo fund going and growing even after he is gone. I think his wish has already been granted.

Thanks Bo and Annika, you have granted us all a wish as well.


(According the the DoorCountyTravelersJournal.com the GO BO Fund,  was originally set up to help the family with medical expenses. Now Bo wants to let everyone know he has great plans for the GO BO Fund and hopes to give back to the MACC Fund, Children’s Hospital of Milwaukee and many other deserving causes that impact children and their families challenged with cancer and leukemia. The GO BO Fund is in the process of becoming a non-profit foundation.)

Bo Johnson is the famous restauranteur Al Johnson’s grandson…

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