Egg Harbor Lodge 2009

While we haven’t celebrated  the New Year just yet, we here at Egg Harbor Lodge are already thinking about the year ahead.  We are pretty excited about the new kayaks we bought for guest use.  I am also looking into a tennis ball machine… that way singles can play tennis too.  We are buying new bicycles, mattresses and who knows what else.  The reservations are coming in nicely so we are expecting another good year.  As an innkeeper, I can’t think of a better job.  Yes, there are the toilets, TVs and other crazy things that are always on the blink, but I can pretty much fix anything and I am not bragging, that’s a fact.  But I love what I do. It isn’t easy for some couples to work together but Mark and I work together well… probably because we each have our own duties.  I am mostly computer, books and reservations while he manages employees (not that they need managing however) and maintanence.  We share front desk, marketing and drinking coffee with the guests in the a.m. and at times having cocktails on the patio with them in the evening.  Each year many of the same guests return which is a highlight of the season.  It is nice to catch up with old friends.  The Egg Harbor Lodge is our home and we love sharing it with guests who appreciate our hospitality and the beautiful sunsets.  I enjoy my winters off but look forward to each April when we clean, get the pool and whirlpool open, plant and do everything to get the lodge open for another year.  I would like to thank all of our guests for staying with us and in particular telling friends and family about us.  Word of mouth is the best kind of advertising.  We look forward to seeing all of our friends in 2009.

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