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 Before we vacation in Florida (not the whole winter, just a week or two), We, meaning my son Joe and I, are obsessed with webcams in the area we visit. Even the rest of the year I find myself from time to time taking a peek.  So I thought maybe visitors to Door County would like to do the same. Door County has some pretty cool web cams.  At Egg Harbor Lodge we have our “Sunset Cam”.  In the summer, you can catch Mark mowing the lawn or sunbathers on the south end of our pool. Watch the leaves pop out in the Spring and then turn colors in the fall and of course, watch our beautiful sunsets.  Lars Johnson has a couple of  Goat Cams which are located obviously, on the top of the grass roof at his restaurant, Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant.  No goats right now, but you can see the harbor.  FYI, the brown building across the street from Al’s was owned by Al and was sold  to the Village of Sister Bay and was recently razed, leaving a nice view of the water. 


Anyway, the Washington Island Ferry Dock has two web cams. One located at the Northport ferry dock in Gills Rock and the other on the Washington Island side. Yacht Works, located in Sister Bay next to JJ’s has a super cool “Storm Cam”.  Not to be left out, On Deck Clothing Company has two “Fish Creek Cams” which show downtown Fish Creek and the Fish Creek harbor.  Peter Jacobs who installed our web cam installed all of these I believe.  His son, Adam, works at Door County Computer and helps me when my Internet is down, installed his own cam on the roof of his house.  He lives in Downtown Sister Bay.  I call his web cam “Adam’s Sister Bay Webcam”.    In  Ephraim , check out   Evergreen Beach Resort’s   webcam of downtown and the harbor.

 All of these webcams are listed under Links on my blog page.  Check them out now and then to see how we Door Countyites survive the winter.  Or just be a voyeur like me and see who’s cars are at Bayside.  Side note to nieces Anna & Kate…  I am watching you!

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