Door County in August… summer is still here!

Contrary to popular belief, the county doesn’t roll up the carpet for the summer in the middle of August.  Just because the kids head back to school doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of summertime fun left here in DC!  While this week is still extremely busy, next week the weather will be equally as perfect and there are vacancies. This is the time of year where we take time to go to the pool.  Our friends Bill and Kathy visit and Bill makes Cuba Libres for us at the pool… it can’t get any better than that.  Guests ask if our place is quiet, I always say yes,  unless they catch me hanging at the pool with Bill and Kathy… then all bets are off.   Temps next week… 78-82 degrees… and sunny!

We are going to go to Cheeseheads the Musical this week.  The American Folklore Theatre is always on the Door County   To Do List but this new show is supposed to be hysterical… tons of Wisconsin humor… can’t wait.

Egg Harbor’s Concerts in the Park series  (Thursdays at 5 pm) and the Sunday evening 7 pm concerts at the Peg Egan Performing Arts Center both in Egg Harbor (and free by the way) are still going strong through the end of the month.  This week it is Birch Creek Jazz on Thursday and Harmonious Wail on Sunday.  Egg Harbor… the village of music, festivals and blossoms!  THE place to be in Door County

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