Door County Baseball

In Door County,   summer Sunday afternoons mean one thing to many Door County residents…BASEBALL! Yes, folks, baseball is alive and well with players as well as fans here in DC.  I have been going to games for over thirty years. Both Mark and his dad played as well as coached Egg Harbor’s team. Mark never missed a game until Josh graduated from high school. Both of our sons, Josh and Joe have played… Joe still plays only he has to wait to play until his high school team is finished for the season.  There is no age limit really, there are high school players as well as guys, um, er… much older.  Baseball isn’t taken lightly however, there is a huge rivalry between  Egg Harbor and West Jacksonport as well as a rivalry between Washington Island and nearly every Door County League Baseball team.  The Islanders are fiercely loyal to their team and their fans go to all the games and while during the game those same fans can get pretty feisty, after the game everyone is friends again.  One game each week is broadcast by WDOR on AM 910 by Eddie Allen.  WDOR is a family run operation and now Eddie’s son Danny is working at the station as well.

The Door County Visitor Bureau‘s own Jon Jarosh is Egg Harbor’s announcer and I have to say he does a fine job… we even have music between innings.

Jon Jarosh

Jon Jarosh

There are 8 teams ranging from Kolberg in southern Door County (never heard of it? Get a map and check it out) to the most northern team on Washington Island.  Of course, each teams concession stand serves hot dogs and beer.

While we don’t get to every Egg Harbor game, we get to as many as we can.  It makes for a fun, lazy afternoon.   So, if you are in Door County this summer and are looking for something new and different, check out one of the baseball games, you will be glad you did…

Here is a link to the schedule of baseball games this summer…  Door County League Baseball…  games begin at 1:30.

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