Deer Hunt 2008

This weekend begins the 9 day deer hunt all over Wisconsin.  Now before anyone gets all bent out about killing innocent deer, let me tell you that my family alone has hit 6, yes 6 deer with cars.  Luckily no one was hurt.  I myself hit a ten point buck and I had my elderly aunt in the front seat. I totaled my mini van.  The DNR regulates the hunt to pare the deer herd down to a manageable number each year.  I wasn’t a big fan of guns so when our oldest son Josh was 12, I decided I had better take the Hunters Safety Class with him.  The class is a requirement for all hunters.  Now everyone in our family (except Em) hunts.  We have “Deer Camp” in our barn each night where all the local hunters stop and tell their deer stories.  We eat out in the barn each night and the boys even sleep out there.  We have a TV, music, frig, food (there is a stove) and refreshments all in our barn. 

My family at Deer Camp 2007

Here we are at Deer Camp 2007… Joe, Nellie, Me, Josh, Emilie and Mark

Deer hunting is a really nice bonding experience for families.  Our family is all about safety first.  There are of course the few hunters that give other hunters a bad name… namely the ones who drink alcohol and hunt.  In Door County, we have not encountered this.  Everyone we know is extremely careful.  By the way we live in the town of Egg Harbor, which is on the outskirts of the village.  There isn’t hunting permitted in the village.  This is true with all of Door County… hunting is only allowed in rural areas.  There is also no hunting allowed in the state parks. So ladies, please come visit Door County this weekend for your Christmas shopping.  Other than at the gas stations, you won’t even know we hunters are around!

So this weekend when all the other wives are shopping, I will be in my tree stand reading a book and looking forward to lunch (I have made homemade Chicken Dumpling Soup).  At night, we will celebrate with stories and more food… I can’t think of anything better than to hang with my family… other than maybe bagging a big buck!

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