Chef Andy’s Nautical Inn

Last Thursday I got an interesting phone call…I was the winner of a recipe contest!  Chef Andrew Mueller writes a column for the Door County Advocate and recently bought the Nautical Inn in downtown  Sturgeon Bay.   Andy is the former chef at Donny’s Glidden Lodge one of my all-time restaurant favs. He is now calling his new restaurant Chef Andy’s Nautical Inn.  In his article, he was looking for recipes to feature on a special menu at his new restaurant.  I sent him my Salmon with Bacon and Vodka Sauce recipe and I was the winner of the entree’ category.  Beyond the credit  I get for winning ( I love credit), I also received a fifty dollar gift certificate.  The boys went to a Brewer game last week so Nellie and I headed to Chef Andy’s new restaurant.  Luckily we made reservations as the place was packed.  I ordered his Signature Steak which was topped with Gorgonzola and homemade french fried onion rings… it was excellent.  Nellie had a Fettuccine in a cream sauce with roasted red peppers, artichokes and caramelized onions.  She loved it so I had to check hers out too and  I also loved it.  When the rush was over the chef came out to check on his guests and I introduced myself and Nellie took a photo…

Sarah with Chef Andrew Mueller

Sarah with Chef Andrew Mueller

We wish Chef Andy all the best with his new venture… I have only heard good things about his restaurant so I am sure he will have the continued success he had with Glidden Lodge.

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