YMCA Blossom Run…

The Y’s Blossom Run was held on Saturday at the Egg Harbor Marina.  Runners ran either a 5 mile, 2 mile or 1 mile youth fun run.  There was a decent turnout and even though it was a bit windy, the sun broke out of the clouds from time to time.  Nellie and her friend Eric placed 2nd and 3rd respectively in their age group. Nellie’s only goal was to beat Eric…  I didn’t realize she had such a competitive edge. Congrats to both! No running for me, after surgery to repair a torn tendon I am out of commission for awhile.  The Door County Triathlon is out for me too… damn.

We ran into JR and Nell Jarosh of Edgewood Orchard Gallery.  Like Egg Harbor Lodge, the gallery will open for the season next weekend.  JR ran the 5k with his 4 1/2  year old twins in tow…


JR Jarosh and his twin girls

Afterward, we headed up to Ephraim to eat a breakfast burrito at Good Eggs.  Saturday was their first day open for the season and the place was filled with locals.  The breakfast burritos (or omelet wrap if you prefer… same thing) are made to order and are to die for.  They also have some bakery items, and smoothies, coffee, OJ, milk etc.  Normally, I would split a burrito because they are so large but all of us were starving so we each ordered our own.  Located in  a cottage near the corner of Brookside Lane and Hwy. 42 (next to the Confectionery) on the south end of Ephraim, Good Eggs is a not to miss breakfast spot.  The owners are nice, food delish and in the summer they are also open for lunch and offer their  “Grilled Cheese Project”  Pick your bread,  cheese etc.  YUM…  This cabana is not fancy, it isn’t especially speedy and their isn’t a lot of room to sit down.  This is a breakfast wrap at it’s best… period.  Get it to go and head to the park, the beach or your balcony at Egg Harbor Lodge, it’s that good.


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