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Thursday, Joe’s Baseball team (Sevastopol) played his cousin Tom Sawyer‘s team (Gibraltar– where both Mark and I graduated).  Sevastopol lost 🙁 The two cousins play against each other in three sports and while they each want to win they are still close friends after the game. Afterward, we went to Alexander’s for a fish fry.  Fisherman Jeff  Weborg fries the freshly caught whitefish generously donated by local fishermen.  Everything is donated and Jeff has his own outdoor fryer and cooks the fish perfectly.  For 10 bucks and a good cause (Gibraltar Booster Club) a buffet line of fish, boiled potatoes and onions all doused in butter are served with rye bread, coleslaw, dessert and pop or coffee . Over three hundred people attended the event… mostly locals since there weren’t many visitors here this past week.

Seen at the soiree’  Jeff Pfeiffer (Thomas-Pfeiffer Insurance… our insurance guy) Regan Spangler of Casey’s, John Sawyer and his lovely wife Jaquelyn of Carlson-Erickson Builders, Kyle Blank, chef at John Henry’s with his beautiful fiancee’ Faye Kelly (High Point Inn) Gordy Rush, former owner of  the Hillside Inn, our neighbors Fred Anderson (Ashbrooke Suites) and Bob and Liz Dickson (The Shallows).  It was fun catching up with everyone before season is in full swing.

Hot off the pressJJ (as in JJ’s/LaPuerta and the Waterfront Restaurant) apparently bought the old Ivanhoe (Sweet Lou’s) in Jacksonport at an auction last weekend.  Known for his business prowess, I can’t wait to see what he does…  I am sure it will be great.

Also,  Mark’s cousin John Sawyer is leasing Husby’s as a silent partner.  He has hired some great people and they plan on doing some remodeling and bringing back the burger and a beer kinda joint like it used to be back in the day… can’t wait for this also.

I am glad we got out to hear the local gossip… Door County is really just one small town.

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  1. The Saloon says:

    Glad to hear you like the pizza at the saloon, sorry you don’t like the building. But then if you were a 113 years old it might be hard to keep up your good looks. oh wait that is what we like about Intitute its old dive of a look.

    web site not completed yet

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