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We ate at the English Inn again last week and it is definitely one of my new favorites.  There are tons of really great restaurants in Door County so I decided to make a list of my favorites. So, in no particular order here goes…

For breakfast, the old standbys are always a favorite- White Gull Inn, Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant– (you can’t beat their Swedish Pancakes and sausage AND they have goats on the roof!) Village Cafe, The Bistro at Liberty Square. I also like to go to Weisgerber’s in Baileys Harbor… cheap, fast and very good… they also have an excellent fish fry on Wednesdays and Fridays. For lunch, my family likes Casey’s Smokehouse for a Ruby Special… grilled cheeseburger with french fries and a pop for $6.25. Fred & Fuzzy’s with its outdoor dining on the water is also excellent.  Don’t forget to order a cherry margarita.  The Coyote Roadhouse in Baileys Harbor has great lunches as does the Harbor Landing in Egg Harbor (I love the Chicago-style hot dog and their panini sandwiches). Mike’s Port Pub in Jacksonport is of course one of the favorites.  One of the cheapest and best bets is to get a homemade sub or panini with a cup of homemade soup from Main Street Market and enjoy it on your balcony or the terrace at Egg Harbor Lodge… sorry, guests only!

For dinner… Donny’s Glidden Lodge, The English Inn, The Mill Supper Club (Don is probably the best bartender in the county) they have excellent chicken and Don and Shelly the owners, are our good friends.  Sister Bay has a few great restaurants as well… my favorite JJ’s/LaPuerta– very casual and excellent Mexican and a big local hangout, The Waterfront and Inn at Kristofer’s are both really good. In Ellison Bay T. Ashwell’s  in an old house complete with gazebo and The Shoreline in Gills Rock. Mark and I are both huge fans of Mr. G’s Logan Creek Grill (also good friends of ours and has a local feel- great for steaks and fish). Always good is Trio in Egg Harbor. For a Fish Boil I would go with The Square Rigger Galley on Lake Michigan in Jacksonport, Pelletiers or White Gull Inn both in Fish Creek.  The Old Post Office fish boils are excellent if you don’t want or need to have beer or wine with your meal.  (Ephraim is a dry village).

I can’t leave out best bars… The Top Deck at Gordon Lodge has a really nice bar overlooking the water… We like to stop at Shipwrecked and eat at the bar, Bayside and Husby’s are also great haunts. We like to stop at Mojo Rosa’s in Egg Harbor or Birmingham’s on County B (the shore drive to Sturgeon Bay).

It sounds like we are out a lot but it is part of my job to check things out… Right?  I’ll go with that.

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