PC Junction

We had Adi today and Em was off and Joe was home so we decided to go to PC Junction for lunch.  PC stands for Peninsula Center which is where the restaurant is located… the center of the Door County peninsula on County A between Egg Harbor and Baileys Harbor.  I had never been to the restaurant, but years ago it was Waschichek’s General store and Mrs. Washichek-Zettel was my niece and nephew’s grandmother.  Anyway, it has been a restaurant for a number of years with it’s schtick being the restaurant looks like a train station complete with a train that goes around on a track to deliver the food.  It is a super busy place in the summer with tons of families with young children waiting their turn to have a train bring out their food.  That in itself was a deal breaker for me… tons of kids, a bell clanking everytime the train brought the food and a conductor yelling out each stop. Nooo way.  Not being a kid hater or anything but as a non-smoker I used to prefer to sit in the smoking section of a restaurant as not to be annoyed by kids.  Jeesh… maybe I am a kid hater.  Anyway, Em’s friend Cole was the conductor/bartender today.  Yes, there is a bar in the restaurant, it is probably the only way the parents stay sane.

We got there at noon and there wasn’t a kid in sight.  Granted the season is practically over but still.  What we did see were older people…

and younger people…

Who knew?

So we ordered our food from Cole the conductor and waited for the train…

The conductor, Cole

Cole had the train go around and around… just for Adi.  She absolutely loved it.

Adi and Joe (Mark in the blaze hat)

Adi and me

Here comes the food…

So here is my confession… I LOVED it!!!  The food was fantastic and it was really fun.  No wonder it’s so busy in the summer.  My brother-in-law bribes his two kids with it… “If you are good in church, we will go to PC” he tells them…  and guess what?  They are always angels in church.  They love PC too.  I don’t think I will head out to PC Junction in the busy summer months, but this won’t be Adi’s last time that’s for sure.  Next time we will go when Adi’s big brother Jaden can come.  I have to say PC Junction is pretty cool.

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