Mike’s Port Pub- Jacksonport

Mike’s Port Pub Door County As long as I have been dishing about Door County Restaurants, I can’t forget Mike’s Port Pub in Jacksonport.  Mike’s is owned by Mark’s sister Barbie and her husband Mike Lautenbach.  They operate it along with their kids Casey (Kelly), Megan and Leila.  My dad bought the Egg Harbor Lodge from Mike’s dad in 1976.  In Door County, EVERYBODY is either related or has a connection.  Mike has great pub style food, with specials from tenderloin to complete chicken dinners.  Mike’s is a really casual and fun place… They have great Bloody Mary’s and do fun things for Packer Games (free jello shots…) and other sporting events.  It is usually packed on Friday and Saturday nights but the service is really good, so there usually isn’t too long of a wait.  Plus, their bartender Joy, makes phenomenal Old-Fashioneds. They just put in a flat screen, so we can watch the away Packer games.  Barbie and Mike have 4 season tickets and Mark and I are lucky enough to get two for each home game.  Mike’s is definitely a place to check out. 

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