We decided to head up to the Sister Bay Bowl or as locals affectionately call it “the bowl” for lunch the other day and to my surprise so did everybody else in northern Door County! It was packed like rats with tons of people we knew.  The bowl has a grill right behind the bar and the chef, Mike Daubner (whose parents are part-owners) was cooking away.

Mike Daubner

 The  lunch menu is simple… soup of the day, burgers, munchie baskets etc. but really, really good. The six lane bowling lane was not in operation… I think it is only open at night.  It’s a keep your own score kind of a bowling alley. The bowl is well know for its Prime Rib and Friday night fish frys.  It is a popular restaurant with locals and tourists alike.  I guess I had never eaten lunch there before and I know it won’t be my last time.

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