John Henry’s

 John Henry’s in Egg Harbor

This is our friend John Henry.  He operates the former… um let’s see… Lena’s Place,  Bub’s Pub, Salmon Eddies, 19th Hole and a host of other former names.  Mostly, it was owned and operated by Egg Harbor resident Lena Schultz.  She passed probably 10 years ago and since then the building was sold and leased to host of different proprietors.  John Henry Kafka is the most recent.  He is doing a nice job of fixing the place up and he seems to be turning the corner from a dive bar to a bonafide restaurant.  The food is good (homemade deep-fried mushrooms and HOT pickled eggs, barbeque, burgers and daily specials) AND he is a friendly bartender.  John Henry’s is open every day and there seems to be cars there at all times.  I think in a tough economy, people still want to eat out on occasion but don’t want to fork over tons of cash to do it.  These small taverns seem to be doing pretty well.  None of them seem to have websites… I am going to have to have a talk with them… EVERY business needs a website. 

And check this out… the AC Tap (Highway 57 just south of Sister Bay) now has fresh sushi on Tuesdays… Sounds a bit scary but I heard it is ONLY served on Tuesdays and it is supposed to be excellent.  This I have to check out.  The AC Tap is also smoke-free which is a bonus.  Gosh, today is Tuesday…

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