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Door County has tons of great restaurants but one of my favorites is JJ’s in Sister Bay.  We went to Chief’s wake last night- (it was a nice tribute to the long time Gibraltar baseball coach) and decided to grab a bite to eat at  JJ’s/La Puerta in Sister Bay.

This is Dave the bartender… he’s a decent bartender and easy on the eyes which is always nice…

Dave the Bartender

Dave seemed to know everyone that came into the restaurant… everyone but us, I guess.  It seems like every time we go to JJ’s we see everyone and their brother and it was no different last night…there were tons of people we knew there.

JJ’s/LaPuerta is really two restaurants in one hence the slash in the name.  There is an American menu which consists of perch, whitefish, wings, burgers- typical American fare.  They also have specials  every night… last night it was liver and onions and Mark actually ordered it. He said it was good… who knew.

The Mexican menu is right up my alley.  The salsa- they serve hot and mild, is homemade and delish.  Last night I ordered the Wild Tostada which was huge and really good.  Usually, I order the Double Taco Two which is a hard shell taco wrapped in a soft shell with refried beans… yum! They also offer Mexican combination plates with a choice of three items.  But what I like the most is the guacamole (which I did not order last night… not sure why). I LOVE their guac. But my very most favorite (I love to use improper English) are the Margaritas! Theirs are the best. 

I don’t believe I have ever been to JJ’s without seeing the real JJ- the owner of the restaurant in and about the place.  A sign of a great restaurant or business for that matter is when you actually see the owner working at their own establishment.  Restaurants just seem to run better when the owner is at the helm. 

The Waterfront Restaurant right next door is also owned by JJ and his family and is much fancier and has a great view of the water.  Even though The Waterfront is considered fine dining, it is not uncommon to see casually dressed boaters dining alongside customers dressed up for dinner.  That is the beauty of Door County… it is mostly a casual place to be. The Waterfront in my opinion is one of the nicest restaurants in Door County and while we don’t dine there often, it is a nice treat when we do.  They also offer Osso Bucco which is one of my favorite meals.

JJ’s is just a fun, casual place to go- my favorite kind of place and when we want to go out for a special dinner, the Waterfront is one of my favs.

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