EHL night out…

We took our staff out to dinner Saturday night to celebrate the end of another great season at Egg Harbor Lodge.  All of our kids (Josh and his wife Carissa, Nellie, Emilie and Joe) were able to be there which was really nice.  We usually have our party at the Mill Supper Club and this year was no different… not only do they have really good food, Shelly and Don Petersilka are close friends of ours.  We ordered off the menu and everybody had a really nice meal.  I think I have said this before but Don makes the best old-fashioneds in Door County!

Egg Harbor Lodge staff with me

Mary Haen, Jeanne Henkel, Linda Shealey (in front), Mary Junion, Me and our gardener Jerry Schimmelpfennig

EHL staff

Patty Bley, Charlene Bader and Emily Bley (Patty’s daughter) with Nellie… they helped out in the fall when we got a bit short of help.  Once the high school kids go back to school all the businesses in Door County struggle for help.  We lucked out!  We could never run a successful business without the hard work and dedication of our staff.  They treat  EHL as if it were there own which is just amazing.  They also have a lot of fun while they work and we hear a  lot of laughing which is just great.  Everyone seems to get along and Mark and I are really thankful for such a great staff who we consider friends.

 The Mill Supper Club

Shelly, Allison and Don Petersilka behind the bar at the Mill Supper Club.  People wonder what a “Supper Club” is.  It usually means a restaurant with a full bar that is only open in the evenings. They usually have a full menu of American style food…Prime Rib, steaks, chicken, seafood and of course the Friday night Fish Fry which is said to have originated in Wisconsin.  Many times this type of restaurant is large enough to hold weddings and parties. We have been to many fun weddings at The Mill. 

Our main housekeepers will work this morning to get everything ready for the final closing.  We hope to finish at noon and then we will head to John Henry’s in Egg Harbor for lunch.  John Henry’sis really casual and he makes excellent homemade soup.  I’ll give you the lowdown tomorrow.

We will start to spring clean in April.  I think everyone will enjoy their well-deserved break!  This winter I will keep busy working on improvements and marketing for the lodge.  I will take reservations from home and get ready for the 2009.  I will continue blogging about Door County happenings… there is still a lot going on even though some places close for the winter. 

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