Door County Coffee and Tea

Our youngest, Joe is a senior in high school and plays on the Sevastopol High School basketball team.  Vicki and Doug Wilson’s (who own Door County Coffee and Tea)  son Conrad also plays on the team.  I chatted with them this past Saturday at the game (we lost).

Vicki and Doug Wilson

Vicki is about the bubbliest (is that a word?)  person I know.  Her enthusiasm really shows in her business.  Mark and I met her when she first started Door County Coffee in Forestville in 1993.  She has since moved the business to a new building in Carlsville which is about 5 miles south of Egg Harbor.  Vicki’s coffee house and retail shop attract tons of customers.  They make at least 70 different kinds of coffee with specials every day.  They recently added a drive-thru window which opens every day at 6:30 a.m.  Her retail shop has really beautiful seasonal decorations along with books, greeting cards and china.  The coffee shop boasts a bakery, breakfasts and light lunches.  I have been to their high tea with some friends from the YMCA.  Since I am more of a cannibal sandwich type of girl, the tea was a whole new, but lovely experience.  I was mostly concerned I wouldn’t get enough to eat but I was wrong.  The little sandwiches and desserts were beautiful and filling.  I am not sure if I will start drinking tea as opposed to coffee, however.  It is a perfect spot for breakfast with your sweetie or with some girlfriends who want to “do lunch”.  Check it out next time you pass through Carlsville when you are in Door County.

Door County Coffee and Tea

This is Vicki with some of her employees.

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