We ate at Birmingham’s last week after Mark got done working.  At first glance, Birmingham’s would seem to be a dive but au contraire my friends… it is anything but- the food and company are superb.  Birmingham’s has been a family business since the 30’s. It is located on County G about 12 miles south of Egg Harbor.  Brad Birmingham (the son) is usually the bartender and can be seen playing cards with the locals who stop every day.  He is a really nice guy and was raised in Door County.  His mom is elderly (probably in her 80’s) and is still cooking lunch and dinner.  I snapped her the other day cooking with her favorite pan… a black, cast iron skillet.  

mrs. birmingham

  They are well-known for their burgers which Mrs. Birmingham pan fries in her skillet.  They are served on bread as opposed to the customary bun.  Since we were ordering dinner I had the deep fried lobster.  If you have never had it, I’ll tell you this… there is no equal.  It was lightly deep fried, delicious and of course highly fattening.  We also got homemade breads before dinner and homemade cookies and biscotti after dinner. Brad knows everybody and is probably one of the most popular bartenders in the county. 

If you are lucky, you may see our friend and co-worker Mary with her family in there since it is one of their favorite haunts.  They are a wild and crazy bunch.

Check out Birmingham’s if you are looking for somewhere a little different to eat.  They are open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week.

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