Birminghams' on County B

Mark had a meeting in Sturgeon Bay last week so anytime we are south of Egg Harbor we make it our mission to stop and visit Brad at Birmingham’s on Bay Shore Drive or County B as it is referred on the map.  Birmingham’s has a good but simple menu (burgers, chops, steaks, fish etc) and serve lunch and dinner every day beginning at 11 a.m.  Probably the main reason we like to stop there is to talk to Brad and visit with the other local Door County residents like us who tend to stop in whenever they are in the area.  Birmingham’s is Door County’s version of Cheers! Across the street, Brad is building a new bait shop which will be a nice addition since the quarry (a beautiful boat launch and park) is just up the road.

Brad's Bait Shop

It wasn’t open yet last week but it very well may be open for business this week.  On our way home we spotted this little deer in Little Harbor…

We were in the convertible, so I got up close and personal…

The weather has been warm but it’s summer people… it is supposed to be warm!  I love it although it has been hard on the housekeepers.  The heat wave (I think 90 degrees was tops) will break on Sunday and the temps will drop down into the 70’s again.

We have been swamped lately but next week we have openings, so if it is too hot where you are, escape the heat and come hang out with us in Door County!

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