1992 Sleigh ride

family sleigh ride

family sleigh ride

I was looking up photos of Egg Harbor on bing.com and found a picture of my family.  Door County Lighthouse Inn located in Egg Harbor had this picture of none other than the Sawyer family circa 1992.  John Mayberry who lives in West Jacksonport and owns the sleigh was looking for a couple of families with a bunch of kids to do a photo shoot for advertising.  I think at the time it was for the White Gull Inn.  Mark’s sister at the time had four kids and Mark and I also had four kids, so we fit the bill for a couple of families with a ton of children.  It had just snowed and other than me losing an earring in the snow (John was nice enough to let me look for it- to no avail), we had a really fun time and the kids loved it.  I can’t believe the picture is still in circulation.  Yes, that’s me with the brown coat and pink scarf holding baby Joe.  Come to think of it, I have a brown coat I wear with a pink scarf now…

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